Project Revive & Thrive – Empowering and Uplifting women.

It takes a tribe……..welcome to ours.

Project Revive & Thrive’s mission is to empower and uplift women. We provide resources, a safe space to connect and learn, feel validated, and most importantly, lift each other up!  

Women bring unique value and perspective to the world. We will nurture these attributes, by using the Revive & Thrive platform to provide a supportive ‘tribe’. Our aim is to give women the support they need, to live their own unique, best life.

 At Revive & Thrive, we believe it’s OK to take care of yourself. This will make you a happier person, and better able to be there for your tribe. It is easier to give to others when your cup is full.

Our newsletter and blog feature articles, interviews and posts from experts in Health and Wellness, Career Guidance, Mindfulness, Yoga, Personal Styling, and more.

Project Revive & Thrive will become your ‘go to’ site for ideas, advice and support. You can look after your wellbeing, find practical solutions as you juggle your commitments, and feel supported in the decisions you make.

You deserve to have everything you need to be the best you can be.

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struggling mums

Hi I’m Melina!


I call myself a citizen of the world! I am of Greek descent, grew up in South Africa, and have been living in Sydney for over 20 years. 

I have learned that keeping everybody happy, is not worth feeling depleted and lost. After 35 years in the corporate world, it is now time to follow my heart rather than my busy mind!

I want to be of service to women, and build up and empower as many as I can. I want to nurture our self-worth and self-care. I have been fortunate to connect with amazing women, and I want to celebrate them with you by sharing their insights, tips and knowledge in the form of videos, articles or blog posts on Project Revive & Thrive.

Let’s create some momentum, support each other and remember ‘we are enough just the way we are’!

Melina xx