Build a Burrito Bowl | Project Revive and Thrive 892272757540829

When it comes to easy lunches, you cannot go past a burrito bowl. So many elements and options can be smashed together, into a healthy, yummy bowl of goodness.

Each person has their preference, so let’s talk about some great option you can use as elements to build a burrito bowl you will love.


My fave is to slow cook some beef chunks with a little added spices, onion and garlic too if you like. The shred and use. Other options of course are chicken, or lamb. You could even used flaked fish!

Adding protein without meat is easy too. You could use boiled egg, or I love to add legumes. Chickpeas, lentils, any type of beans. In the picture for this post, I even used canned refried beans with no nasty ingredients. Shock horror!!! Lol! Adding legumes really ups the protein, which will hep to keep you feeling full.


My fave is to add leftover rice, but there is also options such as quinoa. You don’t have to add a grain to your bowl if you would prefer not too of course, but I love rice so this is an easy way to use up some that is leftover from dinner.

Another option is to add nuts if tolerated, or seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin for a nice added texture.


Adding an abundance of different veggies ups the nutrition of your bowl, and adds great crunch and flavour. I add avocado for its great fat content also, to help keep me feeling full for longer. You could even make the avo into an awesome guacamole, for added flavour.

Putting it all together

What is so great about this meal is it can easily help you clean out the fridge of leftovers. There are also options that can be preprepared too. I often make a bulk lot of beef and freeze in portions. If you like to meal prep, this idea makes a great lunch to go. Simply pack two containers, one of the hot elements and one of the cold, then heat and serve.

Healthy food can be super simple, and very nourishing. This recipe is great at combining the two with very little effort!