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Mademoiselle Organic started in 2016 as an online blog on organic and natural beauty. Our founder, Aurélie (nicknamed Lily, as it’s much easier to pronounce) is a Franco-Australian living in Melbourne who is very passionate about healthy beauty:

“I started making my own skincare, haircare and makeup many years ago, initially because my skin was so sensitive that it reacted to the majority of cosmetics available in supermarkets. And then, one day, my mum got sick. It was breast Cancer, a word I write with a capital letter because it was a capital moment in my life and the life of my parents. At that moment, I chose the organic path that I am still following today.

Now, a few years later, my mum has been very lucky to recover, but the past has taught us this: that being kind to our body is our own responsibility. And this is what Mademoiselle Organic is about.”

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