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I am excited to hand over the writing reins to Catherine, from Four Weeks For You. This is an amazing course that encourages women to accept their amazing bodies, and find a beautiful post-baby style! Enjoy!

Women are great givers.

Sometimes however we find it difficult to take time out for ourselves. This can get particularly challenging once children come along. Three years ago, after the birth of my second child, I decided to shift the focus from overhauling my body with vigorous exercise or diets, to accepting who I was now and making the best of that.

Don’t get me wrong I am all for a new diet/ fitness program (I have tried many), but I was tired, busy and sick of thinking I will just buy new clothes when I lose the baby weight. I wanted to feel ok in the moment. There was enough other stuff to think and worry about!

At the time I also suffered post-natal depression which made the pressure to keep the façade of coping and having it all together overwhelming. Mix in multiple rounds of mastitis and the cracks were becoming evident.

To get back on track I realised that if you feel good you look better and vice versa.

I chatted to other mums and realised that most of us feel the same way and go through a tough time in how we look and feel after children.

I had never fully appreciated the link between looking and feeling good. Clothes, makeup, hair (having a shower) had become a chore, not something enjoyable. I thought about how to achieve ease with my style and realised that I would need some help! A crack team of beauty and style professionals to make me over ‘Miss Congeniality’ style. So, I did a style advice package online, which was good but not overly engaging, and I just ended up with a pile of paper. I wanted to go to a proper stylist, but that felt too expensive, too self-indulgent.

This led me to think why not merge the vibe of an online fitness program, with a program for style, hair, beauty and a bit of self-love and owning what you’ve got thrown in.

Four Weeks For You was born out of this experience and is great for any women who wants to give back to herself and explore how she wants to look and present her best self to the world. The program is not just for women with kids, but for any woman who feels a little bit overwhelmed with all the blogs, street style, Insta updates and keeping up with the Kardashians.

My background is not style or fashion (however I have always enjoyed it) but I have found this journey of discovery, and meeting people in this space, very fun and exciting. I have put together a team of experts in their field who, are warm and lovely, to not only help you look your best but to make you feel comfortable and supported. We all deserve that, whatever stage of life we are at.

By Catherine Williams, Four Weeks For You.