It is a truth universally acknowledged that busy mums are hard pushed to find time for themselves. In this way, exercise is often at the bottom of a long to-do list, with weeks and months passing by before any form of physical activity gets done. However, managing to fit in some form of exercise is vital to physical and mental wellbeing. It is important that mums are able to get round to the self-care that they deserve. The following tips and life hacks are just a few ways you can incorporate exercise into your schedule without disrupting an already hectic lifestyle:

1. Find a form of exercise you can do anywhere

It can be tempting to shell out for an expensive gym membership when embarking on a new fitness regime. However, people can often forget that getting dressed and ready for the gym can take a lot of time, and exercising around other people can be off-putting for newbies. Exercises such as jogging, interval training, weight lifting or yoga can all be done in the home or on the streets, and need only take a few minutes. A good 20-minute jog is a great way to get the blood flowing and the muscles flexing, and can really set you up mentally for a busy day. Give it a try!

2. Do what you enjoy

Having emphasised the perks of running, it has to be said that it isn’t for everyone. If you like socialising and team sports, try and find the time to join a club. If dance is your thing, sign up for some lessons. What is most important is having an actual routine. Once you’ve found a thing you enjoy and have managed to incorporate it into a tight schedule, you’ll be on the way to a fit and healthy new you.

3. Take the stairs!

Exercise does not just have to be a designated part of your schedule. It can be incorporated into everyday activities. You could take the stairs instead of the lift or walk those few stops instead of taking the bus. Another idea is to stand instead of sit or carry those bags of heavy shopping. Getting fit and healthy can be a simple part of parenting life – it just takes a little imagination!

Hope these tips are helpful to keep you active, without adding extra work or guilt to your already full cup!