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Sometimes you see a post, about a business that immediately resonates with you. About a mum making a difference.

Yesterday I saw that. So i reached out to the amazing Sarah, and asked her if we could work together. I wanted her to share her amazing story with you all, and hopefully spread the word of the amazing work further.

So here is the story of Sarah, and Kufunza!

Kufunza is a WA based Social Enterprise dedicated to stopping stunted growth from stealing East African kids opportunities. It came into being after our little family (Paul, Sarah, Emily and Ollie) took a holiday to Tanzania. It was an amazing trip filled with safari’s, Maasai markets and exploring the Swahili Coast but one thing bothered us.

Ollie made friends everywhere he went with little kids, just like him. But each time he asked the kids how old they were, they always turned out to be 12, 13 or 14 years old. Not 7, like him, at all. More like Emily, but only the same size as Ollie.

In fact, 40% of all children in Tanzania suffer from stunted growth! Heartbreaking, but even more so when you know that stunted growth doesn’t just make you small. It stops your brain development, makes it impossible to learn at school and limits your ability to get a job.

We realised that we could do something about this and our kids insisted that they did.

I’m a Social Worker and Paul, an Agriculture Teacher, so we knew that if we could get kids growing, cooking and eating fruits and veggies in school, we could positively impact the kids nutrition intake and start tackling the root cause of stunted growth, lack of food.

And so Kufunza was born and now builds school kitchen gardens, fully operating school kitchens, trains teachers and supports local Mums so that good nutrition is felt throughout the community.

To fund the work in East Africa Kufunza sells a range of products for your home, garden and gift giving, provides speakers for events and networking groups, and leads groups of volunteers to East Africa.

Our mission is quite simply to stop stunted growth in East Africa hence our favourite hashtag #stopstuntedgrowth. We currently support schools in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya with over 5000 children eating produce from the gardens we’ve started and the kitchens we’ve upgraded.

We believe that if we can keep building gardens we can support schools to drive their own feeding and education programs, and become independent of financial support from us. Schools are also best placed to spread the word in their local communities meaning the changes won’t stop in the school garden.

We have already seen family household veggie gardens spring up in Tanzania and Uganda. Schools have been able to utilise seed collection techniques to gift seeds to families who have then been able to grow vegetables at home. We can’t wait to see how that spreads amongst the communities we work in.

You can find out more at our website and we’d love to see you on Facebook or Instagram .   Enquiries can be made to or to Sarah on 0423 077 892.

Thanks so much to Sarah for sharing with us!