Project Revive & Thrive is designed to help mums with the everyday (and never ending) struggles and constant juggling of looking after home and family.

At Revive & Thrive, we believe it’s OK to think of yourself and your well being. Looking after yourself makes you a happier person and a better mum. Our directory has products and services to pamper your body and lift your spirit. – not to mention all those little luxuries that will remind you how special you are.

Perhaps you’re thinking about going back into the workforce. It can be quite daunting and you will probably appreciate some advice and help. You might need career and job guidance, extra training, or just a confidence boost. And when you find a position, balancing work inside and outside the home will be the next challenge.

Our directory of services will give you the flexibility to care for your children and home and manage your job as well.

Project Revive & Thrive will become your ‘go to’ site. A ‘one-stop-shop’ for ideas, advice and help. You can look after your wellbeing, find practical solutions as you juggle all your commitments, and feel supported in your decision to go back to work outside the home when you’re ready.

You deserve to have everything you need to be the best you can be.

A simple search will produce a range of goods and services designed to make a busy mum’s life easier and less stressful. Whether you need help with planning and organisation, cooking, cleaning or childcare, returning to work or just some time to have a break.

Our directory will focus on:

  • Pamper & Gifts (just for you) –Beauty Treatments (hair, pedicure/manicure,  tanning, waxing), Pamper treatments (facial, massage, relaxation), Something special (gifts , nice to haves for mums) and Maintenance (shhhh).
  • Health and Wellness  Wellness Support (counseling, naturopath, fertility) Health Spa & Retreats, Meditation & Yoga, Nutritionists and Healthy Eating and Fitness.
  • Timesavers (the daily juggle) – Housekeeping & Cleaning Services, Home Organisation, Menu & Meal Preparation, In-Home Childcare Providers, Personal Shoppers and Financial Management.
  • The Next Steps – Career coaches & guidance; Recruitment Services (CV preparation / Interview skills / Recruitment Agencies); Financial Management, Personal Development and Personal Stylist.

It is also a useful resource, featuring articles and blog posts from vendors, guest writers and experts in each of these areas.

We are there to support you and our fellow mums (we all know what it is like) and go on this journey of the crazy ups and downs of motherhood together.

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