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Do you underestimate the importance of water? Do you struggle to drink enough water every day?

Ever get afternoon headaches? Feel hungry but have eaten enough? Get muscle aches? Poor digestion? Poor sleep?

Most of us live in a state of perpectual dehydration, that effects our body functioning and health in many more ways than we realise.

So let’s talk all things water and hydration.

Water is essential for the health of every living cell in the body. And there are some body systems that cease to function effectively without adequate water intake. The liver needs it to deal with toxins, the kidneys need it to effectively eliminate waste through urine and the gut needs it in order to keep the bowels moving regularly.

Adequate water intake is linked to improved brain function, gut function, mood, etc etc etc.

So do you drink enough each day?

We all know the age old 8 glasses a day. Do you actually drink that? Is it even enough?

Depending on your exercise level, 2-3 litres of water a day is the requirement for good bodily function. So 8, 250mL glasses is really the minimum required.

I know that I struggle to drink enough most days. I am busy, like everyone, and so drinking water takes a back foot. I am more likely to reach for a coffee in the morning, than think to start my daily water intake.

But it is super important to kick start the day with water, and keep up the intake through the day, regardless of how much other fluids you may drink. Soft drink, coffee, tea, juice etc do not take the place of water intake.

Now you might be thinking, how on earth do I fit that much water into my day? Or I am going to be up to the toilet all night? Or water is so boring, how can I force myself to drink enough?

Here are some quick tips
  • Drink half before midday, this means you are kicking off to a good start, and means you need to drink less in the lead up to bed
  • Infuse your water with fruit for flavour
  • Carry water with you everywhere
  • Make it a habit to drink a glass of water each time you have a meal or snack, you will eat less
  • Replace snacks with water, thirst is often mistaken for hunger

Adequate water will help to increase energy, curb over-eating, and get your body systems working at their optimum.