It’s very common for us mums to get into bed and then immediately start reliving the day we had in our mind. We know we should be trying to sleep, but the events of the day just keep coming and won’t stop. Our experts know that this is a crucial problem for parents worldwide, and have suggested four key tips to help you avoid being awake all night, and have a self-caring, stress-free sleep.

1. Half an hour before bed, avoid a screen

In the last half an hour before trying to sleep, it’s important to shut off all forms of artificial light. This includes your phone, tablet and laptop. Artificial light will engage your brain to keep it mindful and alert, so avoid this when trying to sleep.

2. An hour before bed, dim the lights

As mentioned above, any form of artificial light will hinder the body’s natural ability to slip into a formulated sleep pattern. During the last hour before you sleep, our experts recommend engaging in activities that pass the time quickly outside of the bedroom; this is the ideal time to do those jobs that have been niggling at you such as unloading the dishwasher. It is always rewarding to go to bed knowing you have achieved something that would have otherwise built up.

3. Don’t relive the day

It’s all too common for parents to relive the day in their mind when they get into bed, worrying about the things they said and the choices they made. Once you get into bed and attempt to sleep, consider the day over. All choices are made, and there is no reason to worry about what happened the previous day.

4. Focus on breathing

If your mind is active and you are unable to easily fall asleep, then focus on your breathing. Counting your breaths and focusing on your breathing will allow your mind to wander and then naturally enter a dream state without concentrating too much on going to sleep. This is of paramount importance for anyone expecting a child, as rest diverts crucial nutrients to the baby, allowing them to grow big and strong.

Each mum is different, but finding a pattern that works to help you get to sleep faster is so important to waking recharged for the day.